The law office of Wyss & Partner

The law office of Wyss & Partner was founded in the year 1975 by Mr. Rolf Wyss, J.D. Since the year 1990 our law office has always been located in the Seefeld district in Zurich. Today, our firm consists of three partners, who have different areas of expertise and who support each other securing a constant exchange of experience.

Our services

We advise and represent our clients mainly in civil and criminal matters. This includes the following core areas:

Labor law

Family law

Probate law and estate planning

Tenancy law

Contract law

Corporate and company law

Corporate and company law

Criminal law

Traffic law

Immigration law

Child and adult protection

Professional counseling and representation before courts and authorities.

Patrick Bühlmann - Strafrecht, Vertragsrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Gesellschafts- und Firmenrecht

Patrick Bühlmann

Criminal law, Contract law, Labor law, Corporate and company law

Johannes Helbling - Strafrecht, Familienrecht, Erbrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Mietrecht, Kindes- und Erwachsenenschutz

Johannes Helbling

Criminal law, Family law, Probate law, Labor law, Tenancy law, Child and adult protection

Matthias Lüthi - Erbrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Miet- und Pachtrecht, Werkvertrags- und Auftragssrecht, Familienrecht, Gesellschafts- und Firmenrecht

Matthias Lüthi

Probate law, Labor law, Tenancy law, Family law, Corporate and company law

Sophie Prader - Sekretariat

Sophie Prader

Front desk Mgmt.

Arrival by public transport

Streetcar 2 or 4 to Fröhlichstrasse. Walking distance about 300 meters.


Patron parking in Münchsteig.

Parking - Patron parking in Münchsteig


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