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Professional profile

April 1997 to April 2000
Trainee lawyer in a law firm specialized in business law

Since 1998
Commercial law tutor at Betriebs- und Verwaltungsschule, Winterthur

May 2000 to November 2001
Assistant Vice President Trust Management Client Relations Credit Suisse Trust, Zurich

December 2001 to December 2003
Member of Board of Directors Trust Management Client Relations Hofman Trust AG, Zurich

Since December 2003
Partner at Wyss & Partner, Rechtsanwälte, Zurich

Current questions in connection with the culpability of legal persons under Swiss criminal law taking into account legal development in neighbouring countries and in the Anglo-American realm

Zurich Bar Association (ZAV)
Swiss Bar Association (SAV)
Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Personal profile

Sport, travelling

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